Latest update on re-opening St Catherine’s following government update

You may have heard that the government has announced churches are allowed to open for public worship from 4 July, and be wondering what the plan is at St Catherine’s. 

Sadly, we are not going to be in a position to restart services as soon that. While we are very keen to begin worshipping together again, the safety of vulnerable members of our community is our first priority, and because of that the church will continue in lockdown for now. 

Please continue to pray for those who are ill, isolated or at risk, including our Vicar Sheridan as she recovers from chemotherapy. 

All public services, midweek and on Sundays have been stopped.

During times of crisis and uncertainty we all need extra help. Lots in life feels very unstable at the moment and stress levels are rising.

Normally, at times like this, coming to church could be a source of strength and support – but for some this will not be possible at the moment. We are living in unprecedented times and all of us will have to find ways to resource ourselves, look out for our family, friends and neighbours – and each one of us will have gifts and resources to share, just as we will have our own particular struggles and vulnerabilities. Let’s hold ourselves and each other gently in these days and weeks.