Sunday 9 June 2019 at 10.00am

This Sunday (June 9) is Pentecost Sunday – the day when we celebrate the outpouring of the Holy Spirit (as recorded in Acts) and the birth of the Church.

It’s a day of fire (tongues of flame appeared over the disciples’ heads), a day of power (visions, prophecies, courageous preaching), a day of conversion (hundreds became Christians that day), a day of diversity and universality (everyone praised God in their own language!) and a day when we ask God to (re)kindle in us the fire of his love… What a day! What a celebration!

The service will have a tone of renewal and celebration – I’m encouraging everyone to wear red (the liturgical colour for Pentecost) if they’d like to – or their national dress – as a way of celebrating our global diversity. There will be a time of anointing with oil, as part of the service.

Please come ready to write down and say “Come Holy Spirit!” in any languages you speak.

The children will be having their own activities in Children’s Church and those in year 6 and above will be involved in “Sundays with Steve…”

As it’s the Church’s birthday – anyone who’d like to bring along a bit of cake is very welcome to do so! 

Looking forward to seeing you.

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