St Catherine’s is committed to a number of social justice issues through it’s partner organisation the Telegraph Hill Centre. Through the Centre we aim to support various groups of vulnerable people, as well as provide activities to support people at every stage of life – with a focus on well-being and life-long learning.

Safe Space | A Film By Leon Oldstrong

Filmmaker Leon Oldstrong takes viewers on a deeply personal journey through his experiences with racism. He illustrates how white people absolve themselves from racism by dissociating from ‘traditional’ racist behaviours whilst excusing more subtle forms as something else. He explores how so-called white liberals display their disapproval of the black body as black people are made to feel they don’t belong in the places that were allocated to them, where communities were formed and havens from racism were established.

Leon Oldstrong lives locally and him and Rev Sheridan have had many conversations about racism over the last few years. It was an honour for her to be asked to be part of this film.

Safe Space | A Film By Leon Oldstrong from LUSH on Vimeo.