Health update 4/4/2020

The 2nd round of chemo was on 23/3 and went well. It’s been quite exhausting, but I’m getting through it slowly and in reasonable shape at the moment.

The Vicar’s health (updated 3/3/2020)

Many of you will know that Sheridan had a hysterectomy on 20/1 which meant she would be off work until the beginning of March.

The operation went well, but the day after she left hospital, her mother suddenly and unexpectedly died, which has been a huge and hard shock.

The funeral was on Monday 17/2/20. Sheridan was able to attend the funeral, do the Commendation and Farewell (ashes to ashes…) at the Crematorium and say a tribute at the celebration of her mother’s life, where there were more than 300 guests. She was glad to have had the energy to do that. She remained in Wales for a week with her father and sister and other members of her family.

On 5/2, at the post operation consultation Sheridan was told that there was a Stage 1, high grade, serious ovarian cancer on her ovary. This was removed during the operation on 20/1, but there is a high risk of the cancer returning. Because of that, she began chemotherapy on Monday 2nd March 2020. She will be off work until June. The treatment is preventative (to stop the cancer returning) and curative – it’s a very good prognosis.

All of this if pretty hard going, but she remains reslient and at times upbeat. But it’s also extremely hard. She is very moved by all the support she has received from the church and local community, as well as from her friends and family.

Please do keep her in your prayers, as there’s quite a way to go yet.

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20th January 2020

The Vicar is currently on sick leave, following a major operation on 20/1/20. She will be off work until mid-March.