5th October 2020

As you will all know Sheridan remains signed off work until November.

During August and September she was still experiencing high levels of fatigue and joint pain, as well as low cognitive function (which made reading and even talking hard). In the last few weeks she has made really steady improvement and has been taking an exercise class and has been on retreat (paid for by the Diocese of Southwark). All these things are helping her to boost her energy levels and overall sense of well-being. 

She is hopeful that she will be able to make a phased return to work in November, but it will be slow and steady. 

Please continue to pray for her. She’s very grateful for all the support she’s received over the last few months from everyone.

Please pray too for Revd Jane Elliott and the churchwardens – Stephanie and Steve – as they continue to work through issues relating to re-opening the church. 

St Catherine’s Church Team

5th June 2020

I just like to let you know I had a consultation with the oncologist on June 4th, post my final chemo on 4/5 and a CT scan 2 weeks ago.

The CT scan showed that there was “no measurable disease activity” – which is very good news. I will have regular check ups once every 3 months, but all is well. 

My immune system will have already recovered but I still need to be a bit careful, especially in the light of Covid19.

They’re advising a gentle phased return to work from June 15th 2020. 
I’m taking a ‘holiday’ from Sunday 8th for a week – to totally switch off from everything.

And then I’ll return to work on Monday 15th June, but very steadily. 

I am well and doing very well in myself, but I am not at full capacity and will not be so for a few months. The Doctors said that the effects of chemotherapy could stay in my system for many months and fatigue is the constant one at the moment. 

I’m grateful to God for this good news today.

And hugely grateful to you all for your support, prayers and kindness.
love, peace and grace,